• Day 3
  • Stage #1

We suppose most people already expects high doses of sonic chaos and destruction when we talk about grindcore, in its most basic, rawest version, but also the most electrifying as it is so close to the “we-want-to-be-faster-than-others” madness that characterised grindcore bands in the beginning. Even if we wish to take more from this kind of music, it is impossible to resist the call from this type of sonic devastation that sometimes sounds like anti-music. There are, however, different degrees of destruction and many other ingredients that should be taken into account when defining the character of a good grind band. On that matter, these Belgians symbolise all that as they spit out what they like to call mincecore. Supported by an eruptive sound and with a gigantic destructive strength, they have built a portfolio with dozens of albums and they are, undoubtedly, one of the greatest bands of fast, dirty and aggressive music.

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