• Day 3
  • Stage #1

Nattefrost and his henchmen have already performed at SWR but, after their less intense activity over the last years, we believe that it was about time for them to return to the place where they once spread their evil with such devastating results. Long gone are the days of «Black Shining Leather», since the devilish vocalist took over the band and strengthened the foulness that has been dominating the path of these Norwegians and releases such as «Morbid Fascination of Death» or «Defending the Throne of Evil» marked by cold riffs and fast beats and an attitude which is halfway between punk and rock’n’roll without any sense of shame. After a long decade of silence, the band is back and fully recharged and presented us with the compilation «The Fucking Evil Years». No one can incarnate the necro spirit like they do.

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