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Australia is the home to the Blue-Ringed Octopus, one of the deadliest marine creatures in the world. No antidote can cure its bite. Down under, bats are the size of foxes and there are pythons that are able to eat an entire crocodile. To complete this list of Australian beasts, three years ago a new creature emerged from the Tasmanian scenic landscapes: Départe. They are not as deadly as the aforementioned abominations, because even hyperboles have limits. The four musicians from Hobart serve a death/black metal black hole injected with steroids and dissonances, which is as monolithic as cerebral, technical and demolishing. “Failure Subside”, their debut album from 2016 released by Season of Mist, received very positive reviews and should not be ignored by the demanding fans of extreme music from bands such as Ulcerate, Dodecahedron and, why not Deathspell Omega.

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