United Kingdom
  • Day 3
  • Stage #1

In a time when it is not clear whether death metal should be the new old school or pseudo-discordant, instead of sounding experimental or revolutionary, the British band Dyscarnate rely on a formula that has already been successfully tested, as it is easy to compare what they do with the forerunners of technical death metal with a strong production. Maybe it is that familiarity that makes them so appealing, as the trio has not only caught the attention of Unique Leader – which masters the art of finding interesting bands with extreme technique and guttural voices – but has also been described by Terrorizer as “one of the best modern death metal bands in the UK”. Their releases “Enduring The Massacre”, “And So It Came To Pass” and “With All Their Might”, from 2010, 2012 and 2017, respectively, are the proof of that – total blasting albums supported by an evolved technical structure and an impressive double vocals attack.

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