• Day 2
  • Stage #1

The 80´s were a great decade for the metal genre. Long-standing bands like Judas Priest, Motörhead and AC/DC were realesing that albuns that would define them and, in the underground, along with speed, black and death metal, the thrash metal has emerged with the big four, who gained a greater dimension and caused a stir until the end of that decade. Perhaps it is not uncommon, while listening (or even seeing) the Evil Invaders, to feel that we have been put into a time machine travelled to a time when the thrash metal had not yet been flirting with the mainstream. With a name “stolen” from the 1985-album from the Canadian Razors, the quartet uses their influence on the patches of the leather jackets and on the two LPs recorded to this date, “Pulses of Pleasure”, from 2015, and “Feed Me Violence” from 2017. These are a truly sincere tribute to one of the most important periods in the history of extreme music.

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