• Day 2
  • Stage #2

Filii Nigrantium Infernalium have long deserved to “take the leap”. Since the band’s formation, in the late 80´s, the band has established itself as “abnormal” in a “scene” that is too much attached to its own rules. Firstly, through its super slow and unusual approach to black metal, thus becoming the genre’s bulwarks within the national territory, and, secondly, after a few years, for their mixture of heavy, thrash, speed and punk/crust into a real demoniac potion. A regular presence at SWR and now that they are – finally – part of the prestigious French label Osmose Productions and are in the process of rereleasing the demos “The Miracle Of Death” and “Os Métodos Do Pentagrama”, they promise to hammer out their “steel melodies” the way they use to.

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