• Day 2
  • Stage #2

Formed at the beginning of the century, Flageladör have not yet achieved the long-awaited success outside their home country, Brazil, but they are part of a group of bands from Rio de Janeiro that is making a good impression abroad. Just like their compatriots Apokalyptic Raids and Grave Desecrator, the band from Niterói, led by the maniac Armando Exekutor, released their first demo, “Forjado em Aço”, in 2001 and soon after they have reached success in the underworld of extreme music. They are still today a completely independent project and have a singular feature that will surely please the audience when they play at SWR – their visceral speed/thrash is 100% sung in Portuguese. After 15 years on the road and several line-ups later, they are more alive than ever with songs like «Cruzada ao Lado de Satã» or «Obcecado por Sangue».

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