• Day 3
  • Stage #2

We may try to find a band that is more consistent than IRAE in the national underground scene, but we surely won’t find it. They have been around for a decade and show no signs of weariness – on the contrary, actually – Vulturius continues to firmly lead the band he has formed. 2017 marked the return of the musician from Brandoa to the long-play recordings and was the year in which he divided his attention between an endless number of projects, some darker than others. The band holds a wide portfolio of demos, Eps and splits, so the album ended up having a special mystique and, despite being released almost three years after “Rites of Unholy Destruction”, “Crimes Against Humanity” has not disappointed. Cold, cutting, ugly black metal, made according to its primal rules and with a special care for something that is usually disregarded in this particular genre, which is the ability to write songs that about much more than pure hatred – and that stick to the mind of those who subject themselves to their strength.

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