• Day 2
  • Stage #1

Before becoming an “actual” band with Iñaki on vocals and Ramón on the bass, this was Felix’s one-man band. They began playing with programmed drums, until they welcomed Moya to the band. As they are from Spain, they started playing in Portugal very early in their career and left a great impression on the lucky ones that had the opportunity of catching them live. Their sound is a fusion of punk/crust and death/grind with a fierce attitude and completely DIY and they started playing in small clubs and proving their worth since the beginning. All that hard work paid off as they received an offer for a contract with Relapse ten years after they have taken their first steps. Even though they are not among the most productive bands in the world and have a new vocalist, “Eterno Treblinka” and “Dios Carne” have kept the same guttural energy from their debut album “Extinción”.

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