Czech Republic
  • Day 1
  • Stage #1

Despite having been a – unfairly? – well-kept secret, the band from the Czech Republic started recording in 1987 and went into a silent period of almost 15 years. Between their third album, “Šlágry” (1995), and the fourth, “Mantras” (2009), there was nothing but silence, but by then the project led by Franta Štorm was already established as one of the first avantgarde black metal bands. After all these years, “Ritual” and “Jilemnický Okultista” still have the same obscure charm as when they were edited. However, the band’s evolution is undeniable and “Formulæ” and “Fascinator” are the living proof of that evolution, as the band is now more bizarre than ever. In Darkthrone’s biography, Fenriz refers to the record released in 1991 as “the first Norwegian black metal band, even though they are from the Czech Republic”. Can it get any better?

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