• Day 1
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Originally known for its work as Emperor’s bass player and songwriter, with whom he has recorded the demo “Wrath of the Tyrant” and the Eps “Emperor” and “As the Shadows Rise”, Mr. Håvard Ellefsen has only established himself as an artist when, in 1993, he started “creating worlds” on his own with his homonymous project Mortiis, and a few years later with Vond, Fata Morgana and Contecele Diavolului. Throughout the years, the Norwegian musician, who is currently living in Sweden, experienced extreme changes in his sound, as he evolved from the dungeon synth which helped him create an electro pop approach that turned into a mix of dance and industrial music. Somewhere along this journey, the mysterious long-eared troll left his past behind. Or so we thought, until a little while ago. In 2016, the multi-instrumentalist began re-editing the records released during Era I and at SWR his performance will guide us through a trip down memory lane, as the musician will (re)interpret the album “Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør”.

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