• Day 2
  • Stage #2

Happy grindcore, buoys flying over, weird costumes, references to party songs. NASHGUL want nothing to do with that, there isn’t a grain of happiness about them, their brand of grind is made for violent moshing and rabid headbanging for they drink from the putrid fountain of bands like Repulsion, Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror and Galician brothers in arms Machetazo. Through the years they’ve played in some of the best extreme festivals around, including Obscene Extreme, Maryland Deathfest and SWR, of course. Having recently turned 15, the band has just released a 31 minute masterpiece titled “Cárcava”, where almost every song lasts less than 3 minutes and rocking d-beats alternate with a flurry of blasting drums in a truly powerful display of abusive music.

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