• Day 3
  • Stage #2

The Norwegian trio could never have found such a proper name – Nekromantheon or Nekromanteion, which in Greek means “death oracle” or “oracle of the dead” and was a temple of necromancy. Their music is so dark and reminiscent from a previous era that it continues to be one of the most celebrated of the dirty underground scene. Originally from Kolbotn, the same wild suburbs of Oslo from where the unique Darkthrone emerged a few decades before, the bass player Sindre Solem, the guitarist Arild Torp – both sharing a ruthless vocal attack – and the drummer Christian Holm started playing together in 2005 and with two flawless releases, “Divinity of Death” (2010) and “Rise, Vulcan Spectre” (2012), they turned into a strong group that should be looked upon and have performed in important festivals, such as the Maryland Death Fest and Live Evil. The perfect band for the true occult blackdeaththrash fans.

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