• Day 2
  • Stage #1

Led by the twins Tyrant and Hellbutcher, who are known in Sweden as “Bröderna Hårdrock”, which means “the hard rock brother” in a language that uses that expression to refer to all extreme music genres, Nifelheim are one of the most respected underground bands from the 90’s. The band, which was formed at the turn of 80’s decade, replicates in its music all the passion its mentors have for the records that were the soundtrack of their teenage years, by invoking a retro spirit with the same amount of heavy, thrash and proto-black metal and by flirting with the South American sounds that, at a certain point, were pushing the limits of what was considered “music”. This savage attitude is present in all the band’s releases since their debut album from 1995, “Devil’s Force”, “Servants of Darkness”, “Unholy Death”, “Enjoy of Lucifer” and the most recent one “Satanatas”, which will surely inspire the set list of their long-awaited return to SWR.

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