• Day 1
  • Stage #2

In 2018, SWR will experience the legendary KOLBOTN ATTACK!!! It is true that we will not yet be seeing the infamous duo formed by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto, but their genre is well-represented on the bill. Just like the “neighbours” Nekromantheon, which has common members, this quartet perfectly passes on the great musical education provided by their mentors throughout the years. Less thrash, more death and dabbling in pitch black swamps, they represent a the best invocations of a simpler spirit and a more direct approach to guttural brutality. After experiencing punk, playing with two bass players (presumably in the style of Man is the Bastard), they found their way on a more classic and cavernous death metal, as proven by “Perpectual Decay”, “Nekrosalms” and “Black Death Horizon”.

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