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The amplification sound and slow and sharp frequencies uttered at a pachydermic speed is completely out, however Sourvein aren’t “just another sludge band”. No. T-Roy Medlin, who is the only survivor from the formation that recorded the homonym debut album in 2000, is already a staple from the genre, dragging his corpse of bastardised blues for over two decades, if we count the time he spent with the leading and volatile Buzzov*en. With the albums “Will To Mantle”, “Black Fang” and the most recent “Aquatic Occult” they prove that, despite the gaps, they have never restrained their worship to the power of riffs and made their first appearance in Portugal at SWR XVI. Back then, they made quite an impression on those who’ve seen their show and left us with a taste of the bourbon that seems to feed this extreme version of the guidebook left by Black Sabbath.

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