United States
  • Day 2
  • Stage #1

Knowing that death metal, be it brutal or occult, represents a great part of SWR’s DNA, it is weird to think that the New-Yorkers Suffocation have never performed at Barroselas. They have been the standard-bearers for the genre since the early 90’s when, along with their compatriots Immolation, they amazed us with a powerful discharge of records such as «Human Waste» and «Effigy Of The Forgotten», two of the most mesmerizing albums in the history of death metal. Over two decades have gone by and, despite the occasional line-up changes throughout the years, they have managed to maintain their significance backed up by solid releases like no others. An example? Listen to «…Of The Dark Light», released this past summer, and be blasted by tons of heavy sound and attitude.

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