• Day 3
  • Stage #2

Formed in 2001, in the city of Mälmo, Sweden, this is one of the first band to mix sludge and post-doom or post-metal, in the old continent. At a time when the local scene was beginning to integrate the sonorities from the other side of the Atlantic in a post-“Through Silver in Blood” from Neurosis, Rick, Johan, Erik, Peter and Jovan got together to make a statement with Side B of “My War”, the monolithic post-apocalyptic nature of the riffs and a will to create behemoths that would make many unreal doom bands blush in shame. Four undeniably great albums resulted from this great capability of balancing hardcore’s visceral nature and the oppressive wave of metal made of riffs that sound like mammoths. Can you image Sleep from the time of “Dopesmoker” on acid? But having a bad trip? That’s what SUMA sound like, with their uncomfortable and suffocating music.

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