• Day 1
  • Stage #2

They are Dutch, define themselves as “an intransigent manifestation of fierceness and total discontent”, and describe their sound as “melancholically melancholic”. Does it sound pretentious? That’s because it is. Fortunately, their music is nothing like that, it is straight to the point, just like a blunt beating at any bar. Their extreme sound, which has been improved by former members of DrDoom and Greyline, is authentic and progressive, but still sounds grind enough and is based on a fusion of extreme music subgenres. For example, in “Misanthropy” and “Nihilism” we hear micro-discharges of grindcore, with a hint of black metal, crust or sludge. Ultimately, Teethgrinder honour their roots, while trying to broaden the grind spectrum, by spitting a turmoil of fiery sounds.

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