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Rick Serrano (guitar), Pedro Silva (bass), Pedro Peralta (drums) and Diogo Pereira (guitar and vocals) are ALPHA WARHEAD. Hailing from the South Side of River Tagus this band is in its infancy, but although their discography is quite short, it's very promising. The demo tracks - "Code Red" and "Fuel To The Fire" - are dynamically vigorous and fiercely propulsive, with progressions that are very old-school thrash metal. "Code Red", the debut LP, arrived in the last days of 2023 and will fill the ears of any fanatic of the early years of Megadeth or Death Angel, with its speed and generalised hatred of the powers that be. Some would call that an exercise in nostalgia, while looking at the recent legislations, we'd say it's the best way to exist politically. However, when you find yourself destroying your neck joints with relentless headbanging, you won't remember any of this, just that you're enjoying some good old-fashioned thrashing!

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