• Day 3

If the Spanish death metal scene is as fertile as it is today, a certain debt is surely owed to the early pioneers of the style in the country, and APOSENTO were standing there right at the beginning. Formed in 1990, plowing through the 90s with a couple of demos and EPs, they then lay dormant for a while, only to be reactivated just a little over a decade ago with founders Manolo Sáez (guitars) and Potros (vocals) firmly in their place of always. In this second existence they have already given us three full-length releases, the first of their career, and even if we’re already into the third decade of the century, it’s like no one told these guys that it’s not 1992 anymore. Proper old school death metal, full of grime and punishing heaviness, is what you want, and it is exactly what Aposento will deliver with zero compromise.

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