• Day 2

This German quintet probably doesn't need any introductions among fans of the more occult-tinged black metal. As a group, the anonymous musicians that make up Ascension have created an opaque and mysterious aura around them, thanks to the enveloping power of their music and their cryptic lyrics, inspired in Western esoteric metaphysics, that turned their 2010 «Consolamentum» debut into a solid classic of the genre for this decade. Choosing to hide their identities as a means to support their orthodox tendencies, and perhaps to also signal the difference of maturity towards lesser convincing acts that sail the same dark waters, the German collective values the whole and discards any cult of personality, while however maintaining enough of a distinct identity, as the one show in the «The Dead Of The World» and «Under Ether» albums, from 2014 and 2018 respectively.

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