United Kingdom
  • Day 2

A big name in European death metal, the fact that Benediction will celebrate their 30 years as a band in Barroselas almost says it all. Keeping guitarists Peter Rew and Darren Brookes intact from their original lineup, they have seen several notable characters of the scene go through their ranks, particularly the vocalists, as gentlemen such as Mark "Barney" Greenway (Napalm Death) or Dave Ingram (Bolt Thrower) have already growled for them. Of the current loudmouth, who has occupied the post with brilliance since 1998, it can already be said that he is up to the task of living up to his predecessors – Dave Hunt, also from Anaal Nathrakh (and ex-Mistress) is a frontman to be reckoned with, giving weight to the brutal discharges of massive records such as «Grind Bastard» or «Killing Music», the last full-length, released in 2008. Despite this discographic hiatus, Benediction are still "killing music" like few are able to when they play live, and we'll surely have yet more strong evidence of that on the SWR stage.

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