• Day 2

Birdflesh have been around since 1992 already, that's more than a quarter of a century of taking the piss to the sound of destructive grind. They will be faithful representatives of the "beach ball" variant of the genre, an SWR classic, and there will surely be many props, accessories, disguises and rampant dancing during their show, both from the band and from the audience, as usual. Having said all that, despite all the "circus" around them, it's admirable how these Swedes have managed to stay relevant. Not only have they progressively incorporated strands of crust, punk, thrash and death to their initial and rather unidimensional mincecore, very close to Assück or Agathocles, but also the delirious creativity of the lyrical themes has made them stand out, providing a hilarious and refreshing perspective to the usual gore of this kind of band.

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