• Day 3

In the four decades that have passed since their formation, legendary war metal pioneers BLASPHEMY haven’t even gotten to the hundredth show mark, and have never stepped foot in the Iberian Peninsula before. That should begin to tell you how important this visit by one of the true originators of extreme metal is for all of us. Having maintained their core founding trio of vocalist Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds, drummer 3 Black Hearts of Damnation and Impurity and guitarist Caller of the Storms (with guitarist Deathlord of Abomination and War Apocalypse reaching the 25 year milestone with the band too), undisputedly the best named musicians in metal history, after all this time they’re one of the very few bands that retain an aura of darkness, violence and danger that still feel all too real. Since the career-defining «Fallen Angel Of Doom….» and «Gods Of War» albums in 1990 and 1993 respectively, they’ve only put out occasional demos, rehearsal tapes and live recordings, but who cares – this is a band that exists outside the normal confines of time. Having originated the (in)famous Ross Bay Cult scene and essentially paved the way for an entire subgenre, Blasphemy are one of the most historically essential acts we’ve ever had at SWR.

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