• Day 2

Emerging in the early 90s, BOOBY TRAP never bathed in the mainstream spotlight like Braindead did, but that's because they never evolved in that direction. Instead of the funk that attracted the band from Margem Sul, the collective from Aveiro clenched their teeth in thrash crossover. If you cherished your knowledge of Portuguese metal in your childhood, you definitely wore out their «Brutal Intervention» demo-tape (1994). However, the rise of the Aveiro band in the alternative music circuit never resulted in an album. In 1997, in one of the most characteristic career choices of that decade, the band dissolved. The rebirth happened in 2013, followed by the album «Survival». Three years later came «Overloaded» and then, with another three years in between, it was time for «Stand Up And Fight». In 2023, we were then gifted with Booby Trap's most solid album, with «The End Of Time» asserting itself as a collection of old school thrash riffs, no bullshit, and full of instrumental vigor.

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