• Day 3

Coming from quite close to Barroselas, from the city of Braga (aka “the pit”, as the local underground bands like to refer to it), CAPELA MORTUÁRIA, meaning “mortuary chapel”, a name picked not because they play some sort of necro black metal – they don’t – but rather since one of their rehearsal spaces was situated literally above one of those, are a relatively recent name in the Portuguese scene. Their first EP «Ossadas» appeared in 2019, then the world hit pause for a while, and they quickly got back in the saddle after that with their 2023 debut «Monstro». Yeah, their release titles are simple and to the point, as is the direct impact of their furious thrash metal, which has already acquired quite a reputation after their crazy live shows up and down the country. Now the monster from the mortuary chapel is coming to Barroselas – beware!

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