• Day 2

Death Grinding Punks! That’s how CHILD describe themselves as soon as you load their Facebook page, and there really is no simpler or more effective description for the noise these Swedes make. A mix of well-known musicians from that scene, some of them from Gothenburg and some from Stockholm, with roles in other illustrious acts such as Grand Cadaver, Division Of Laura Lee or Let Them Hang, they realised at one point that we are living through very dark times and so they put together a grind/punk band to shout about it. The result is Child, and they already have two albums. Or rather, they have one, «Meditations In Filth», from 2023, and the other one will come at the end of March, «Shitegeist», appropriately right before they travel to Barroselas so it gets here fresh and new, its songs ready to belt out a hell of a racket.

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