United Kingdom
  • Day 3

It didn’t take long for Rugby’s CONJURER to rise to the top of the European extreme metal rankings. After a spectacular debut album called «Mire» appeared in 2018, the fascination for their unusual mix of Neurosian post-metal, old-school chugging death metal and mournful super-heavy doom immediately settled between fans, and the mighty Nuclear Blast picked them up for their second album. «Páthos», released in 2022, elevated the crushing nature of their sound to an even higher degree. It’s already been two years, but the effect of those riffs, that atmosphere and the overwhelming sorrow that bleeds from the songs is such that it feels that we’re still getting to grips with that beast of a record. On the tenth year of their existence, it’s about time that Conjurer come and squash us all in Portugal for the very first time with the power of their colossal songs.

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