• Day 3
  • Stage #1

Two decades in, and no doubts remain that we stand before one of the best black metal acts, hailing from a country already known for its superior quality in that specific genre. Throughout these twenty years spent on black metal's front lines, the band lead by guitarists John Doe and Joakim Karlsson has consistently served some of the most visceral and bitter blasts of satanic darkness, with each of their first four records becoming genuine – and, honestly, oftner underrated – genre classics. From the sharp, cold harshness, faithfully transferred from Darkthrone, of «Total Soul Rape» and «Terror Propaganda», to the punch in the gut that was the unfuckwithable «Fuck The Universe», all through to the most paced, but not less potent, «Void», Craft have established an unprecedented cult around themselves. «White Noise And Black Metal», their first recording in seven years, follows the same direction, spitting out yet another dirty slab of dark and cruel metal.

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