• Day 2

Cult isn't the half of it if you're going to describe what Demilich mean to the death metal underground. Not only were these Finns way ahead of the pack when they put out their debut «Nespithe» in 1993 (after a few demos that already turned a lot of heads for those lucky enough to get their hands on them), but they also had the terrible idea of ending the band in that same year, cementing the image of one-time-only anomaly in the history of death metal. Even today «Nespithe» still sounds like something left on the planet by a visiting alien team – an angular, dissonant beast full of unexpected twists, but still very much a beast, offering also the cavernous savagery that proper death metal should have. Very few records have ever merged these two worlds in such a unique way, and now, finally, after a couple of false starts, Demilich are finally back. And the return trip goes through Barroselas.

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