• Day 1

In Bethlehem, Israel, Emanuel was born. Meanwhile, Belém in Pará was the chosen location by Baphomet to unleash the death/thrash of DISGRACE AND TERROR. Expelling hatred and venom since 2005, it was in their restructuring in 2014, as a power trio, that musical emancipation emerged. The most recent albums, "Age Of Satan" (2018) and "Casa Nefanda" (2021), showcase a devastating rhythmic aggression, punctuated by blast beat thunderstorms and the superior shredding ability of guitarist Vinicius Carvalho, who primarily focuses on riffs evocative of the darkest corners of the original North American thrash movement and its immersion in the surgical brutality of death metal in the second half of the 80s. As a bonus, concerts by brazilian bands are invariably memorable at Steel Warriors Rebellion, and it is not expected that this one will be any less than terrifying.

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