• Day 2
  • Stage #2

Among the chaos that is usually created by the killer sequence of extreme and brutal bands at SWR, it's always good to have a little breather. In the case of Dopelord, we'll be breathing in not just air, but possibly quite a bit of smoke too. Direct sonic offspring of people like Sleep or Electric Wizard, these Poles follow the path of other stoner/doom "cubs" like Cough or Dopethrone, shooting off fat and fuzzy riffs and puffing out psychedelic clouds, dragging us along for a trip into a surreal world, and a bad trip at that. In their baggage, three albums already - «Magick Rites», from 2012, «Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult», from 2014, a title that could describe the whole band just by itself, and 2017's «Children Of The Haze».

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