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There's only two of them, but close your eyes when they're playing and it's like we're before an army of ten or fifteen guys dropping impossibly heavy riffs. Gentry Densley's magic guitar (he had already started his sonic revolution in Iceburn, if you remember), which is also a bass and a destroyer of mythological beasts, is a piece that would deserve a serious study by specialists, while drummer Tyler Smith is one of the most impressive drumstick-crushing beasts you'll ever witness. Legend has it that during the recording of «The Thundering Heard (Songs Of Hoof And Horn)», Eagle Twin's most recent album, the drum pedal ball came loose from being hit so hard, and the loose metal wire went into Tyler's shin, inflicting a rather deep wound. What did he do? Naturally he finished the take, and only then worried about all the blood! This episode clearly illustrates the savage intensity of the band's long, epic and warlike songs, not to mention the extra oomph they get when played live.

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