• Day 2

ENTRÖPIAH are a grind core unit coming straight from Spain that does not need any voluminous introduction mainly due to their inexhaustible concert activity during the last two decades. For these guys, everything began taking shape in 2001, when the members musical aspirations started to materialize in a band. The start was a bit uncertain, with people coming and going, but refusing to make no for an answer, the ringleaders kept going, recording three full-length albuns, namely «Autodestrucción», «Cuantas Vidas» and «Hundida Existencia», between 2004 and 2014. Yet another hidden treasure from an array of the quality ones coming from the other side of the border, they proudly employ neo-crust elements on their grind, with a little pinch of darkness in the vein of bands like Ekkaia or Ictus.

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