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In Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy", all those who were unable to exert self-control while they lived reside on the Upper Hell, as the Second Circle becomes the eternal home for the entire population of carnal malefactors – forced to carry the weight of unending storms on their shoulders. The cover artwork for «Circle Of Molesters», GRIME's second album, pictures a psychedelia-tinged infernal landscape, rife with demons and sexual imagery. The result is almost as oppressive and uncomfortable as the filth spat out by this Trieste gang, a faithful performer of the perfect soundtrack for Dantesque scenarios. So, ugly, filthy and evil, they return to the crime scene again after having laid waste to SWR – Barroselas Metalfest XVIII, through dragged-out riffs, grunts and shrieks drenched in bile and feedback. Somewhere between Conan and Lord Mantis, always with side B of «My War» very present indeed, these Italians are one of the great talents of the new sludge wave, respecting the legacy of Eyehategod and the first incarnation of Iron Monkey.

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