• Day 2

The extreme blackened thrash classics of the 80s seem to be a bottomless mine for some of the best current bands to plunder – Vulcano, Sarcófago or Bulldozer have formed the blueprint for countless future headbangers to keep up that spirit, and you can actually trace an uninterrupted bloodline through bands like Nifelheim, Deathhammer, Condor or these French rippers that will visit us at SWR 2024, HEXECUTOR. As soon as the riffs start cutting you up and the raging vocals roar and yelp their way through the cavalcades of their two albums, «Poison, Lust and Damnation» from 2016 and «Beyond Any Human Conception of Knowledge…» from 2020, you will feel instantly at home, as it doesn’t get any more metal than this. Hexecutor will surely provide an unstoppable display of headbanging and stagediving, ‘Zelas style!

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