• Day 3

Currently in a power trio format, HIEROPHANT have evolved into a lean, mean, killing machine. With members of some of Italy’s darkest and nastiest bands, like The Secret, Blood Of Seklusion or The End Of Six Thousand Years, they soon affirmed themselves like a powerhouse within the sludge genre, throwing elements of black and death metal in there just to make it even sicker. Things just got worse/better as the years have gone by, each record further reinforcing their apparent pathological need to sound uglier and more massive than ever. With death metal creeping ever higher on the list of ingredients, 2022’s «Death Siege» signalled their heaviest effort to date, sometimes even veering into death/doom territory, an almost unbearably oppressive and chaotic record both in musical and lyrical terms. If they are on a particularly inspired night in Barroselas, which bands usually are, we are probably all doomed.

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