• Day 1

It was still before the apocalypse. In January 2020, a bunch of Portuguese scene veterans united behind the name of Superman’s heroic pup though revealing themselves as a kind of Legion Of Doom, released «Eye18». That record, with the Lovers & Lollypops seal, is a collection of frenetic ragers that owe as much to Tomahawk, Helmet and Battles as they do to Zen and Greengo (standards for the best Portuguese alternative rock and also holding the origins of Krypto’s line-up). It’s eight songs of crushing weight with a wall of amps and a rhythm groove capable of punching you with the power and ballerina grace of a boxer. Also, it bears considering that Gon is one of the most neurotic and furious vocalists ever to grace the local scene, doing the job here with a demented solemnity of a shaman guiding us through the abrasive sonic acid. Then the apocalypse came and since then we’ve been waiting for them to get up on a stage as manic as their music deserves. Et voilá, Barroselas.

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