• Day 1

Sure, you may know the members of LIK from a few other bands, some of them quite big in fact. Drummer/vocalist Chris Barkensjö (Mefisto, ex-Witchery/General Surgery/Face Down and a bunch of others), guitarist Niklas Sandin (Katatonia), vocalist/guitarist Tomas Åkvik (Bloodbath) and bassist Joakim Antman (Bloodbath live line-up, Diatonic, Overtorture) are busy dudes, but that doesn’t mean this Stockholm quartet is in any way a mere project or a side thing. A couple of seconds off of any of their three albums so far, «Mass Funeral Evocation» (2015), «Carnage» (2018) or «Misanthropic Breed» (2020) should be enough for that to be patently clear – their horror/war-themed, razor-sharp and unfathomably heavy approach to death metal is as serious as a chainsaw slashing you in half. There’s no “melodic touches” or any kind of flourish to any of LIK’s music, you either die by the slow, ugly riff, or you perish after the fast, ugly riff runs you over. Expect the subtlety of a pounding hammer when they take to the stage in Barroselas. No mercy!

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