• Day 3

More than two decades have passed since the meeting of two iconic names in portuguese black metal: Nocturnus Horrendus, who revealed himself in Corpus Christii and thereafter left his mark on countless bands such as Storm Legion, A Tree Of Signs or Son Of Cain, and Vulturius, the mind behind Irae, but with his hand in numerous other bands and projects, including Decayed, Kommando Baphomet, Scum Liquor or Viles Vitae, among many others. They occasionally met up on stage, but in the studio it's MORTE INCANDESCENTE that best represents this unholy union. From "...Your Funeral" in 2003 to "...o Mundo Morreu!" in 2016, the duo released four albums. In 2021, through Signal Rex, they unleashed "Vala Comum" a manifesto of subversion signed with the cruelty that is already expected from these two maniacs.

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