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Nocturnus Horrendus and Vulturius, two of the most active and influential musicians in the Portuguese extreme underground scene, return to the old days of black metal on this project they created back in 2002, going back to a time when density and purity were still the norm in this scene. On records such as «Coffin Desecrators», «...Relembrando Um Túmulo Esquecido» or «...O Mundo Morreu!», Morte Incandescente truly transports their listeners to the past – a past still very much present in the memory of the most orthodox fanatics – through compositions that don't even try to push the envelope, break barriers or whatever else, they just mean to invoke the timeless notion that black metal remains pure in its most archaic form, at least to a selected group of individuals that never stopped believing the essence of old. Profane, anguished music, hateful and melancholic in equal amounts, always overflowing with a burning essence, indifferent to conventional human definitions of "passion".

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