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It’s been over two decades since we first heard of Jennifer, but even after all this time, that sinister and deeply disturbing intro that opens «Prowler In The Yard» still sounds like a clarion call for grind fanatics everywhere. That 2001 record was the first “real” Pig Destroyer album, and it’s celebrated today as one of extreme metal’s finest hours, a reference for a whole new generation looking to break the methods of psychological warfare. With the notable exception of Napalm Death, there is no other grindcore band that is so respected today. During the last twenty years, based on the genius of guitarist and producer Scott Hull and JR Hayes the poet, the band has released a string of records that have pushed the boundaries of the genre, all without ever compromising one iota of the precise aggression that made them famous. Their most recent deflagration is called «Head Cage», the name of a terrible medieval torture device.

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