• Day 3
  • Stage #2

The Brazilian underground is a true gold mine right now, so alongside Deafkids and Nervosa, Ratka will reveal themselves at SWR 2019. Hailing from São Paulo, these four talented Brazilians will hypnotise both knowing fans and all of those discovering their astounding mix of styles for the first time. Is it psych? Is it post punk? Is it death rock? Is it punk, or garage rock? The answer to all these questions is both "yes" and "kind of", and the more the ghostly appeal of their songs takes hold of your body and mind, the more categorisation ceases to matter. Displaying an unusual intensity on stage, and an uncontrollable inspiration that's seen them put out a plethora of releases, from albums to EPs, collaborations, compilations, singles and others, Rakta can well be one of the true revelations of this festival.

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