• Day 3

German death-rock outfit ROPE SECT burst onto the extreme-music scene in 2017, with two acclaimed releases, the debut EP «Personae Ingratae», followed by the 7-inch «Proselytes». Well, the buzz around them is certainly not without merit. Their secrecy and storytelling set the tone, and everyone loves a good mystery. Their sound isn't goth for the lace and black roses crowd. This is goth for the corpse-paint and spiked gauntlets horde, hard-edged, Spartan and nihilistic. As such, ROPE SECT were quickly embraced by likeminded scene leaders such as King Dude and Grave Pleasures. Their odes to Lucifer come with a forked tongue firmly planted in cheek, and there seems to be a genuine occult energy around the music – a catchy, lively, yet atmospherically portentous sound, that will appeal to fans of metal, rock, post-punk, goth, and darkwave alike.

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