United States
  • Day 2

A legend from the US West Coast death metal scene, SADISTIC INTENT have their origins set in the mid-80s already. Initially known as Devastation, the Cortez brothers, Bay (bass/vocals) and Rick (guitar), founders that still carry on being the core of the quartet, adopted their current band name in 1987, and since then have never stopped belting out their blackened, profane brand of ripping death metal. Famously, they’ve never put an album out, as their entire discography is made of several EPs, splits, singles, demos and compilations, which might have hindered their progression in terms of popularity. They are, above all, a stage band, which is why the venerable Jeff Becerra of Possessed fame made them into the actual Possessed band around him for a few years, enlisting the Cortez brothers, as well as guitarist Ernesto Bueno and then-drummer Emilio Marquez to complete his line-up. In Barroselas, we will finally witness the power of old school death metal as played by these significant names in extreme metal history.

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