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SCHIZOPHRENIA is a Belgian quartet that operates on the edge of thrash and death metal with a touch of the 80s and definitely deserves your attention! It's dirty and furious thrash, fused with a mix of other extreme styles, which brings a natural diversity to the genre, seasoned with great solos and has a lot to offer to fans of Dark Angel, Sepultura, or Slayer. With mid-tempo elements accompanied by fierce vocals, the quartet displays a wide range of extreme aggression, revealed to the underground with the EP "Voices" from 2020, which garnered praise among the OSDM faction. In 2022, the most promising young death/thrash group from Antwerp released their debut album titled «Recollections Of The Insane», through Redefining Darkness, and this year they followed up with the EP «Chants Of The Abyss», featuring covers of Slayer, Morbid Angel, Judas Priest, Misfits, Exodus, and GBH.

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