• Day 3
  • Stage #1

Emptying the entire stuffing from a pillow onto the audience, setting up a little outdoor café, interacting with sundry inflatable animals… You never really know what's going to go down at a Serrabulho show, possibly Portugal's most insane band right now, and certainly one of the most unpredictable in the entire internacional scene. Developing a concept that mixes porn and their native region of Trás-os-Montes, to go along with their particular brand of "happy grind", the only thing that is guaranteed at each of their concerts is the mad party they will always provide, especially during the next SWR, when their forthcoming album «Porntugal» will already be available. Serrabulho are the ultimate "last band" for Barroselas, the one that gets rid of the final limits of inhibition anyone in the audience might still feel, and we believe we're not letting a big secret out when we ask you to imagine what time slot they will have on the final schedule.

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