• Day 3

A roar from the underground took place in Gothenburg late 1993, early 1994, when three friends decided to start a new band. Under the name System Collapse, later on to be SKITSYSTEM, they are one of the pioneers of the second wave of swedish d-beat, alongside bands like Wolfpack and Disfear. Skitsystem took shape and in 1995 their first slab of plastic was unleashed upon the world, “Profithysteri” 7”, released on Distortion. With plenty of tours and line-up changes under his belt, Fredrik Wallenberg kept the band active, with a bunch of EPs and a couple of albums, “Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen” and “Stigmata”. After an hiatus that lasted 3 years, the band started playing shows again just to dive in another lengthy stop, but got back in action in 2018. “No speed, no punk! – this “iconic” era may well have been long forgotten, but these legendary swedish d-beat crusties will be showcasing the total mayhem of this bygone age.

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