Czech Republic
  • Day 3

Formed at the damp and dirty basements of Prague, a new five-piece band came into its rotting existence in early 2018. Getting their name from a type of death tissue caused by a lack of blood supply, causing symptoms that may include a change in skin color to red or black, numbness, pain, swelling and skin breakdown, SNĚŤ play crushing heavy riffs, sick melodies, harsh vocals with a bit of punkish vibe. Put together by musicians with extensive experience in the underground scene, the band released their smashing debut album, entitled «Mokvání V Okovech», through Me Saco Un Ojo in 2021 and already toured with Spectral Voice, Funebrarum, Impetuous Ritual, Krypts and Malokarpatan, among others. If you're a fan of blood-soaked rotting death metal, you can't afford to miss these guys!

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