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These French grinders – also known as just S.C.D., which is admittedly less of a mouthful – have evolved insanely since they started to pour out brutality way back in 1996. If it's true that records such as the self-titled debut and «II» were slightly rudimentary, by their third album, «Inventory Of Fixtures» (2007), it was undeniably that the band had outdone itself. Since then, each album they've released has been a true ear-shredder. «Sheep'n'Guns» and «Raping Angels In Hell», from 2011 and 2017 respectively, show a hybrid of grind, groove, thrash, core, crust and punk that sounds like a soundtrack to an orgasmic bleeding. Among all the blood and guts, the Parisian trio defies genre boundaries in the name of cheap guttural thrills.

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